The earlier they start,

                       the easier it will be for them to learn Mandarin!

About Us

Hello, my name is Miss Anita NG and I am the founder of Call-A-Tutor. I have worked in education for 20 years guiding students from kindergarten to adulthood.

My team is formed of a group of experienced Mandarin / Cantonese professionals. We exist because we understand that some students might find learning a second language very difficult, especially if their social circle only speak their first language.


Our mission is to provide the most engaging, effective and practical Mandarin/ Cantonese and cultural training
to anybody in need (toddlers to adults).

We help each student to attain their full potential, and help to improve confidence and grades.

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Set your own group. Playgroup teacher will go to your house. The program is especially designed to provide children with a stimulating, productive environment, which is focused on strengthening their social skills.

All wrapped up in an extremely fun and perfectly safe package!

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Chinese Nanny (Mandarin/Cantonese Speakers)

Our philosophy is that Learning must be fun, practical and productive.

It is so interesting and fun for toddlers to discover the daily life with a kind-hearted and cheerful Chinese
nanny, and the early exposure to Chinese can help young kids to learn to speak in Chinese much more easily.

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